For Entrance Examination Candidates

To all entrance examination applicants seeking to enroll in an undergraduate course at Kyoto University

Kyoto University provides students with disabilities with assistance and support in all aspects of student life, including the entrance examinations. If you intend to take the university’s entrance examination, we recommend you consult with the relevant faculty as far in advance as possible. This will help avoid any uncertainty regarding what kind of assistance is available, and it will also provide more time to make any necessary arrangements should you ultimately decide to enroll at the university.
For more information about the assistance available for entrance examination applicants with disabilities, please refer to the Kyoto University Guidelines for Admission, which are published annually. The guidelines include information about how to apply for assistance, including details of the documents to be submitted (please prepare any required documents etc. as early as possible). In many cases, applicants who are also taking the National Center Test for University Admissions will be applying for similar assistance. The procedures to apply for the assistance is similar for both examinations, and we recommend applying for both at the same time to make the process easier.

Kyoto University’s Disability Support Center provides advance consultation to potential applicants who are thinking of applying for the entrance examination. If you feel anxious about consulting with us yourself, we can provide consultation to your parents, guardians, or high-school teachers instead. Student life probably entails various considerations that have not occurred to you, and we can provide up to date information about the support available, so please do not hesitate to contact us.
Kyoto University holds an annual Open Campus event in early August which provide potential students with an opportunity to learn about the university. During the event, the Disability Support Center provides interactive demonstrations of the support and assistance available at the university (note: participation in the demonstrations must be requested in advance). Understanding the assistance provided at the university can be very advantageous, and we encourage all interested students to join us for the event. Detailed information about Open Campus events is usually made available around May or June through the university website, etc.
Please note: the Disability Support Office welcomes visits and provides consultation at any time, not just during the Open Campus. Please contact us for details.

To all entrance examination applicants seeking to enroll in a graduate school course at Kyoto University

As with undergraduate course applicants, advance consultation with the Disability Support Center is also recommended for graduate school applicants with disabilities. However, each graduate school has its own rules regarding applications for special arrangements for students with disabilities taking entrance examinations, and the application methods and periods vary. Please contact the relevant graduate school directly for details.
Graduate programs differ significantly from undergraduate programs in that all students are affiliated with a laboratory after enrollment, and carry out their research with limited guidance. Even laboratories with similar divisions conducting similar research can be significantly different with regards to their laboratory environment and methods of research. These differences can have a considerable impact on the support available to students with disabilities, and so we recommend that potential students contact the relevant laboratory directly for more information.
In addition to the above, the Disability Support Office will be happy to provide consultation and advice. Please do not hesitate to contact us.