The Disability Support Office, General Student Support Center, Kyoto University

Welcome to the Disability Support Office

Kyoto University’s Disability Support Office provides assistance students who are experiencing difficulty with their studies due to disabilities, etc. If you are experiencing problems with your studies or with daily life due to visual, hearing, physical, or developmental impairments/disorders, chronic internal ailments, or temporary injuries, or if you are seeking career advice, please do not hesitate to visit us here at the Disability Support Office.

Functions of the Disability Support Office

  • Ensuring that the rights to education of students with disabilities are guaranteed, and providing support and consultation for campus life
  • Training and coordinating student support staff for students with disabilities
  • Working in cooperation with faculty members and departments involved in disability support
  • Provision of disability support equipment and related printed materials
  • Gathering information on disability support
  • Holding workshops, etc. relating to disability support
  • Compiling/distributing barrier-free access maps

Study Support

The Disability Support Office assesses with individual cases at the request of students and their faculties/graduate schools, and provides the students with study support as appropriate.


Support is provided to those who are experiencing difficulty with their studies due to hearing, visual, physical, or developmental impairments/disorders, etc. (In certain cases, we also offer consultation to students who are experiencing difficulties due to poor health or injury, etc.)

Scope of support:

The support provided aims to enable students to attend classes, school events, etc.

Examples of Support Provided:

[ For Visual Impairment ]

Provision of facilities/equipment (Braille tiles, etc.), on-campus transport assistance (guide assistance), recording/digitizing of materials etc., loan of low vision aids for reading and other support devices, etc.

[ For Hearing Impairment ]

Transcription of lectures, etc. (PC interpretation, note-taking)*, sign language interpretation during lectures, etc., loan of FM hearing aid systems and other support devices, etc.

*Regarding real-time transcription of lectures, etc. for students with hearing impairment: In most cases, two student assistants who have been trained by the Disability Support Office are assigned to provide support. The assistants attend classes with students with disabilities and serve as their interpreters. The student assistants provide education support and are compensated accordingly.
[ For Physical Disabilities ]

Development of facilities and equipment, such as slopes, multi-purpose restrooms, etc., on-campus transport assistance, loan of support devices, etc.

[ For Developmental Disorders ]

Support such as study environment adjustment for students with developmental disorders is provided in cooperation with the university’s Counseling Room and other related departments.

The above are just some examples of the support that we offer. Other types of support and support for students with other types of disabilities are also available. Please visit the Disability Support Office for consultation.

Student Support Staff

The Disability Support Office seeks student support staff to assist students with disabilities. Please contact us for more information. In principle, the Disability Support Office will compensate students for their services.
We hope that you will join us in creating a learning environment friendly to all students at Kyoto University.

Contact Information

Disability Support Office

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s-sien* (please change “*” to “@”)
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09:00 –17:00, Monday to Friday (closed on holidays)

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Disability Support Office, General Student Support Center, Kyoto University

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