For Students

Universities are places where students grow and develop in various ways through independent learning and inquiry. Your self-awareness and knowledge of society will enable you to be active shaping the society of the future. Self-knowledge also entails understanding the interrelationship between yourself and society (the environment). All of our students will have various encounter and experiences during their time at the university, and we hope that such opportunities help all of you to grow and develop in your own way.

Generally, the term “disability” refers to a physical or mental difference or characteristic. However, a barrier in an environment, system, or way of thinking can be also be considered a disability. Those with disabilities spend their time as students at the university just like other students, but in some cases, certain arrangements or assistance may need to be provided. The university does not consider the provision of such arrangements or assistance as being some special provision for certain individuals, but rather something that is necessary in order for the university to generally maintain its education and research environment. All students who attend classes, experiments, seminars, or laboratory activities are equal participants. In some cases, certain arrangements or support might be required to enable students to exercise their abilities. In such cases, we hope to work together with the students themselves to find a good solution.
Please visit our office and consult with us, even if you think that the difficulties you are experiencing are relatively minor. Sometimes issues can be solved through individual consultation, or if specific arrangements or support is required in classes etc., we can also consult with the relevant faculty and staff members. Even if you are not sure what kind of assistance you require, consulting with us should help to clarify the issue. Therefore, if you have any difficulties at all, please do not hesitate to discuss them with us.