For Students

Student supporters for students with disabilities

The Disability Support Office is currently seeking student supporters to assist students with disabilities.

The support we seek to provide varies depending on the individual student and their study environment. Examples include on-campus transport assistance (guide assistance) for students with impaired vision, sound recording (including a reading service) for students with visual disabilities, and ensuring the accessibility of information for students with hearing disabilities (through note-taking, and speech-to-text interpretation using personal computers etc.).

Your help will enable us to provide a learning environment in which all students can study together. If you are interested in serving as a student supporter, please contact the Disability Support Office at the contact details below.

*Please note that, in principle, student supporters will receive payment for their work.

Disability Support Office/General Student Support Center/Kyoto University
<Location:1F, Education Promotion and Student Support Department Building(Former Main Building of the Petrochemistry Course)>

Tel : 075-753-2317
Fax : 075-753-2319
E-mail : s-sien* * with @)